Updated 12/14/2016:

We’re back! After near a year of being on hiatus, we’re ready to launch new content.

Updated 7/10/2014:

Changed theme for better reading experience.

Update: 6/22/2014:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the site did not launch until today. Thank you again for your patience!

Update: 5/31/2014:

Tonight, at 11:12PM Chicago time, is the official launch of Occult Culture. We’re starting with an article I wrote regarding the real Amityville horror and the mysteries surrounding it. 

The time picked for today is the official “rise” of the full moon 🙂

Update: 5/31/2014:

Very, very soon, I am going to “officially” launch the site. I am going to tackle an ambiguous issue in order to get ball rolling: conspiracy websites (actually, I’m going with the REAL Amityville Horror article that I wrote)

This post will lead into many sub posts, and so fourth. Better to start somewhere than no where.

May 17th, 2014:

Currently, I am working on the website. You may seem things change for the first few days.

This website is going to be about the occult and paranormal in our everyday culture. That will include video games, movies, objects, customs, etc in the pursuit of knowledge.

I’d also like to point out the frauds in the paranormal community as well. Stay tuned or email me anything you’d like to see at: occultistallie at


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