Christopher Quarantino-Lutz and the Science of Seeing/Memories

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Interview Date: May 22nd, 2014

Basic Rundown of Interview: Christopher states that he is going to release a book that tells his side of the story, the “true” story (he stated, “I’m afraid if I don’t have it copy written, it will go to the big screen” and that is his reason for writing the book). He said he was upset that the media took the story and exaggerated it. At the age of 16, he ran away from home and joined the army due to the abusive situation at home. He remarked that his sergeant knew who he was and consistently badgered him for it. He also said that he was suspended from school because he was in a physical fight and was defending his family (also tells a story how is father beat him for it). When he finally read the book “The Amityville Horror”, he was disgusted by how exaggerated things were. When he spoke to his mother about the book after many, many years of avoiding it, she agreed that much of it was “George’s doing” and it was “exaggerated” (she said to Chris that George was in charge of editing).

Originally, he thought the History Channel was contacting him and his mother for a documentary. He later found out they lied and just wanted information for the new screen play that was being put together by his now estranged father George George Lutz died on March 8th, 2006; this gives us a look as to how much time has passed since he wanted to “set the record straight”).

Also, he remarked on how various documentaries “proved” him and his family were liars. He spoke about the front door being “blown out” in the case of the book. He said most things in the documentary are true, but they took the two or three things that weren’t or clearly exaggerated and exploited it because that can be proved/disproved instead of pure hearsay. When the family originally left the house, the “presence”, as he calls it, followed them to their grandmother’s house all the way to California.

Here are my thoughts on the interview:

Although he is a direct witness to events, he was a young child at the time (during the month of December 1975, Christopher was just turning seven). Although I do have memories of being very young myself, I know that as a child, sometimes occurrences that happen are often clouded by adults telling you what you saw. We can easily create “fake memories” and distort them. Our minds will fill in the blanks. The following is taken from

In each eye there is a blind spot where the optic nerve joins the retina. Photoreceptors are absent at this junction, called the optic disc, but the mind manages to fill in that blind spot using visual information from the general vicinity.

I know what you’re thinking: if this is true, how can we rely on eyewitnesses on the news, in court, or just in general? Isn’t that just “closing the book” on ANY paranormal case in general?

Well, this study doesn’t actually say we consistently see or do not see things that aren’t actually here in reality (except the title, but that’s just bait to get you to click the link, also something many websites and news stations use, if you haven’t noticed by now). For example, in the same article, they show an optical illusion that shows how the brain manages to “fill in the blanks” or just completely ignore something (in this case, a letter).

Also, let’s not forget that many diseases affecting the brain and spinal cord (among others) cause hallucinations. We must also take into account what substances people ingest (legal, illegal, prescribed, eaten, etc.) because that can also cause the brain to “malfunction”, if you will.

One such study suggests that we can create memories by both suggestion and using our own imaginations:

Chris said that George was a fairly violent man and often beat him and his siblings. I agree with the notion that dealing with a traumatic childhood or event can cause our memories to not be as clear as they were, or even change.

Personal theories:

  1. George Lutz, according to his son Chris and his older child Danny, was into “witchcraft” and practiced transcendental meditation (the specifics as to what George did that was considered as “witchcraft” remains unclear), but he did often use an Ouija boar. Chris says his father preached “responsibility” in regards to having and using an Ouija board. This means that the family was already primed to be “believers” of the supernatural and paranormal which caused them to believe their home was haunted when it was not.
  2. Same as the above, but maybe something paranormal did happen (or, more likely, unexplained happenings that weren’t paranormal in nature) and they either a) believed that subsequent events were a result of the supernatural or b) exaggerated their story because of one event (basically, “ran” with the story that the house was haunted for fame and/or money).
  3. George and his wife conspired to make this all up and convinced the children it was true. Although financial records show that they barely made a profit, as mentioned before, George DID try to trademark the incident (here’s the link for proof: If this trademark DID register, he would have likely made a profit from the movies and merchandise.
  4. Same as the above, but the children were/are so shocked and brainwashed that they do not remember the incidents clearly (see above for scientific explanations as to why that could happen).

For another interview with Christopher, you can read this:

Anyone else has any theories as to what really happened? Are you going to buy Christopher’s new book when it comes out?


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