Opinion: Sources on Amityville & Paranormal Shows

Here at Occult Culture, I try to bring the facts and (at least) try to present ideas as to what have might happened. Many incidents or “cases” of the paranormal turn out to be fabricated and dis proven.

However, some websites take it a step too far.

I do not reveal my religious and/or non-beliefs because, like I mentioned in the “About Me” section, I try to remain unbiased: I present the facts, perhaps articles, and then my opinion.

Well, doing some additional “research” on this subject, I came across the following website:


The first flaw I noticed: using his religion to justify a verdict that is rendered by said person. The author writes, regarding Ed Warren:

It wasn’t a calling from God to do this for His glory. It’s important to note that Ed didn’t call himself a Christian demonologist but a religious one. Religion can’t cast out a single demon. Demons enjoy leading people down the religious path–religious people were responsible for killing Jesus Christ. Today, the same self-righteous religious people want to stamp out Christianity. You just don’t decide that dealing with demons is what you want to do. God decides if He wants you to deal with the demonic.

I would also like to know sources. I do not see any. I expected to hear something called “proof” in regards to claims such as this:

Apparently, Ed felt he knew more about art and he could paint better than anyone else could. So Ed would paint a picture of a house and in the painting he’d add ghosts floating out of the windows. Lorraine, the used car salesperson [like Jim Bakker], was the one that would tell the homeowner they had a demon issue. Not a small problem, but a big one.

I supposed the following more or less a pet peeve of mine. If you want to have your opinion heard, you need to have a firm grasp on grammar:

If you had seen there work 1st hand as you claim you would know they was fake as they come

It’s very well- known that Lorraine and Ed Warren have often been accused of being fake and purposely gaining money off people’s religious and superstitious beliefs. I get that. However, it seems like the author is now attacking the people with little to no proof.

The only thing that I can somewhat agree on is his view on supernatural shows. Personally, I believe that many of these people started out innocent enough; they have a personal experience that changes their life and want to learn more regarding the paranormal. However, once you sign up to do a show on ANY network, they want action to draw in the crowd.

Ask a decent paranormal investigator what he/she finds on an investigation. More often than not, you’ll hear them say zilch. Nada. Zip. This can go on for months, or even years, before something happens. The one thing I liked about Ghost Hunters during the first two seasons is how they try to give reason or debunk a finding (sadly, those are the only seasons I’ve watched and cannot speak for the rest).

Paranormal State often makes me grind my teeth for the same reason Eye on the Paranormal does: religious bias, although it may not seem like it to the person speaking or writing their findings or opinions, DOES effect their general outlook on many things, including their interests and daily life. Ryan, the star of Paranormal State (along with Chip Coffee) have been under fire for YEARS. I also can’t say that I’m a fan of having the young woman on the show that is “Wiccan” (or so the network portrays her to be, but that is another post for another time) as they portray her as somewhat “goth” (anything for ratings, right, A&E?).

My overall opinion of Amityville is that PERHAPS something happened to them they didn’t understand. George Lutz’s later interviews in the 2000’s suggests that there were sounds in the house that the family thought of as “paranormal”. It has been said by numerous sources that George was “into witchcraft” and Ouija boards. Perhaps he was prone due to his involvement in said “witchcraft”, and given the house’s history, automatically assumed it was a spirit. That, of course, is my opinion. It also doesn’t help that George was so mean to his children and as a result, they suffer to this day.


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