Upcoming: YouTube Phonies

Another reason I made occultculture.com was to expose the paranormal phonies of YouTube.

Your first reaction, understandably, is “but aren’t all paranormal videos/shows/groups/etc’s not even real to begin with?”

Well, that’s why you’re reading about the paranormal, right? Although most incidents can be proven, there are some instances where said instances cannot be explained by natural phenomena/physics/etc. To truly delve into this, we need to do our due diligence.
The problem with, as I’ve mentioned before, is the lack of common sense most people tend to lose while on the internet. We have amazing capabilities and programs that can turn a short video into a masterpiece. Some people will believe everything they see.

Paranormal Shows Vs. Reality

Many paranormal followers and believers would agree that most paranormal shows are often fake or fabricated. After all, when a show comes to a network, it needs ratings to continue airing. Having real investigations with absolutely no evidence would not generate a following.
Statistically speaking, many paranormal investigators will tell you that most investigations end up with zero “evidence” at the end of the investigation.
In regards to YouTube videos, however, you’ll find that most of them are fake. Some more obvious than others, unfortunately. Some of even made with Hollywood-esque quality.

YouTube: Paranormal Fakes

Of course, most of these fake videos are filed under “entertainment” and the YouTube page itself is coming from a studio of some sort.
Then, unfortunately, we have people whose sole purpose is to throw their name out there for fame. I’ve even found that some of these YouTuber’s are on websites for acting.

In the coming week, I will begin compiling lists, videos, links, etc to oust the phonies.



  1. All though I’m a paranormal investigator and do document my investigations and put them on YouTube, I have noticed an increased volume of completely faked videos which viewers swarm to and give comments like “omg that’s so scary!” Or “holy cow that’s crazy activity!”

    My videos aren’t the best, mostly consists of EVP’s and my own personal stories, and maybe some day, somehow I’ll capture something extraordinary, but until then…. I guess people need to be educated on what obviously fake videos look like xxx


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