YouTube Phonies: David Jacobson: Part II

Last month, I created the post YouTube Phonies: Dave Jacobson. It’s very basic and is common sense. I think anyone can understand what I had to say about the videos and how obviously fake they are.

Well, about a month later, I receive a lovely tweet:

(Unable to archive from old site; sorry, guys)

(favorited, along with all of these tweets, because it’s adorable)

So at this point, I know that Mr. Jacobs has seen the post (again, close to a month later).

Then, I receive the next tweet:

(Unable to archive from old site; sorry, guys)

Ah yes, the “I have more followers, and therefore, am automatically correct” assumption. Cute. Too bad the truth isn’t concerned with how many followers I have.

Well, the truth isn’t always a fan favorite. Not everyone enjoys the boring reality they live in: which is why they substitute their own with fantasy. It’s a completely normal thing to do, but again, the reason I made this website was to research the truth and not the shiny fluff.

More Info

So now, via Twitter, I have his followers “bashing” me. It’s cute. The feed for my twitter is here. Take a look if you need a laugh.

Isn’t it odd that some of the bashers are named Jake and Jacob? Hmm.


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