Opinion: Check your Gullibility

Going back to the topic of how easy it is to fake a paranormal video or series (ahem, Dave Jacobson) I recently came across some videos that literally show how to fake a paranormal video, along with examples.

Video 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x04kt_rhWVo&feature=youtu.be

The title says “MY FAKE GHOST VIDEO!!!!!”. Faith in humanity restored, right?

Then, well, look down at the comments.

Despite the fact that the video literally says “MY FAKE GHOST VIDEO”, people are saying things like “FAKE” and “I CAN SEE THE STRING”.

Remember taking reading and comprehension in elementary school? I sure hope so. These people must have skipped that semester. Or year.

Or just quit. Math is hard, yo.

Video 2 (More or less a series; link to YouTube page): http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW_f9E4oBdPLUvb-0WKtWPA

I’d like to point this out as wellhttp://www.wweek.com/portland/article-22863-80_million_paige_views.html

This is actually really interesting: Paige McKenzie (name on YouTube: Sunshine Girl) found out the second most searched phrase on YouTube is “ghost”. She began making a series of videos showing her house is haunted. It then turned into a frenzy.

She has a movie and book deal.I think you heard of this movie company: Weinstein.

“The deal is the result of a years-long, highly calculated strategy by McKenzie, Rose and co-producer Nick Hagen, who’ve always seen YouTube as an avenue to Hollywood. The series’ very premise—pretty teenage girl meets ghost—was designed for maximum clicks.”

Difference between YouTubers Sunshine Girl and Dave Jacobson? Sunshine Girl admits it’s faked/staged for entertainment, where Dave Jacobson is trying to “fake it ’till he makes it” to the top (or so he thinks).

Site: http://www.cracked.com/article_20089_the-6-most-eerily-convincing-ghost-videos-youtube.html

I love/have loved Cracked for the better years of my life. I’m a fan of “snarkiness” and general information (remember, always check your sources).

But, I digress

The article breaks down a few of so-called “paranormal videos”. Given these videos are off-the-charts, screaming “fake” (so fake, even a Jacobson follower would agree) it’s not really much of a break down.

However, it’s something; something that needs to be said.


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