My Paranormal Experiences

Some people have said I’m “too strict” with my findings or way of seeing things regarding the paranormal (especially with the videos).

Well, this may surprise you, but I’ve had quite a few experiences in the paranormal in my life.

“House” Ghost

My parents’ first house was in a south suburb in Chicago in a (then) quiet town. We moved in the summer of 1993 and my younger brother and I kept hearing really strange noises in the night. This started happening when I was around nine years old.

Years later and now, we both still talk about the noises: the faucet running/dripping, heavy footsteps (not caused by the cats we had), the strange, somewhat explosive voices we heard in the attic and of course: the man with the “sandy” hair and yellow eyes.

My brother, mother and I were not (and still aren’t) heavy sleepers. We can hear just about any loud noise in the house.

One night, among many of the sleepless nights I had, I heard the usual footsteps. I always kept the covers over my head: I was very scared of the dark when I was younger. However, I peered out of my covers and into the doorway.

There stood a man: he had sandy, wavy hair that was on the short side. His shirt was nondescript. His eyes were glowing yellow, just like a cat’s eyes when reflected by a light source.

He was a few feet away from me and I stared out of pure fear for at least five seconds. I was a little freaked out by his eyes, but I was more upset because he was completely unmoving: he was like a still image.

I remember pulling the covers back over my head. I kept thinking “I need to yell for my parents because this guy saw me and will hurt me”. I screamed so loud. I whipped the covers back and stared at the doorway: without a sound or footsteps made, he was gone.

My Dad was, of course, less than thrilled I was screaming around midnight and waking him up before he had to go to work. I told him what happened; he checked the doors of the house. He also checked the garage, as our garage was attached to that house. Nothing.

I also want to note I never saw him again after that night. My brother told me, years later, he saw the same guy in the doorway to his room a couple of times when we were still living there. My brother is very much NOT someone who is “into” the paranormal. He doesn’t even like horror movies.


  • My mother did (and still does from time to time) have a pill and alcohol problem. There was a lot of turmoil growing up and even as an adult, still struggle with what I dealt with and still do. Therefore, I can also suggest stress is an important factor here.
  • Some people have told me it could be “energy” that has manifested itself through our turmoil (like a Poltergeist), but this leads back to stress
  • When I was younger, I was not on any medication except for my asthma and allergies. However, asthma medications such as Prednisone have awful side effects. I was not on it at the time, but that could also have something to do with it.
  • The fact my brother and I both saw the same man (without discussing what we saw with each other for years) is unnerving.
    • It leads me to believe this man knew the teenager that lived in the house before us; perhaps he was trying to find her and he himself had an issue with drugs and alcohol? Our garage had the same code it did when we bought it; my parents never changed it.

Florida Civil War Ghost

I was in my grandma’s manufactured home in Interlachen, Florida trying to sleep in a bed next to my Mom. I was twelve years old and even then, had a hard time sleeping. We slept in a spare bedroom she had with two queen-sized beds.

It was our second night there and I was under the covers, petrified by what I “felt”; like eyes were staring at me just like the feeling I had years ago when I was in our house. As a young kid, I was always scared of the dark. I just was (and still was up until about 16).

It was very late. I wasn’t comfortable sleeping next to my mother; the bed was too cramped and I wasn’t used to such hot weather. Even with the fan blowing, I felt “sticky”.

I remembered happening to look up at the doorway and seeing some figure there: it literally “transformed” (or as I said to my people before, “morphed”) into a figure of a man.

It “became” something along the lines of a ghost dressed in a civil war-esq outfit: it had the cap and the outfit you’d often see in text books. I didn’t see “feet”.

This time, however, I wasn’t scared. I forced myself to sit up and look, really checking out what it is I thought I was seeing. He/it looked like it was still “morphing” in and out of “reality”: parts of him were disappearing and reappearing.

I heard my Mom begin to “stir”.

She got up and started shuffling towards the door, still half asleep. I remember my heart was pounding, thinking something awful was going to happen.

But, nothing happened. At all. In fact, the “thing” at the door morped “out” as she walked right through him/it.

I was genuinely intrigued. I kept looking at the door, but didn’t see anything. I finally went back to bed.


  • I learned about the civil war in grade school by the time this incident occurred. I had knowledge of what a confederate soldier looked like and the basic gist of what this war meant and encompassed. It’s possibly this is what my brain “configured” for me when I saw something I couldn’t comprehend (or, from stress).
  • As mentioned above, I was still having issues with my mother. At that time, I’m not sure if it was a “calm period” or if she was outright using. Either way, I’m sure I was stressed (I always had the issue of fear: was she going to use today?)

I’ve had more experiences, but wanted to share these with you. Tell me about yours!


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