YouTube Phonies: Los Screamos

Background Information

Another popular “paranormal” YouTube channel: Los Screamos. This YouTube channel boasts a multitude of videos with the proverbial “orbs” flying around as well as a few “UFO” videos. The language the people use in these videos is German.

However, the description is in English. There are many comments in German, though. I’m sure they have English to reach a more general crowd/followers. I notice they also have a monetization account. Red flag!

The intro video on the page seemed like something out of a paranormal TV show: there’s a male, seemingly crouching near a wall with his fist to his face, as if he’s scared. You seem clips of chairs moving and dust flying (Labeled, of course, as orbs).

This is the channel’s website:

Exhibit A: “Subscribe To The Most Shocking Channel On YouTube”

It’s always a bad sign a YouTube channel isn’t “genuine” when they have the usual “SUBSCRIBE HERE” every three seconds in the video, but more so when there’s this at the end of the video:

Marketing ploy, anyone?

Or, how about this:

Exhibit B: Actual Videos

The actual videos themselves are hokey. Again, if people like Jacobson and the guys of Los Screamos would just outright say “we’re doing this for entertainment purposes”, no big deal.

The above video is laughable. Although I do not speak German, the jest of the video is one man records the other who went into a dark room. He comes out and holds his face: there’s “blood” on his right cheek. You’re kidding me, right? Does anyone with common sense have to explain how incredibly fake that is?

The setup for the video itself is very suspicious: the camera is centered so that the room with the “ghost” is seen clearly. It’s very easy to add this kind of “apparition” to a video:

I can go on and on.

Unlike David Jacobson, however, at least they had the common sense to put “science and technology” for the category to make it appear more genuine:

Exhibit C: Orbs and Why These Mean Nothing

Orbs, 9.9/10, are either dust or some sort of bug. They can also be a form of light that is reflected off something.

The following video has “evidence” of orbs:

This is very basic (dare I say), “Ghost Hunter” 101 type of thing: Dust, plain and simple. Many comments also mention dust.

Further information on my stance on orbs can be found here.

Also worth mentioning:

Why oh why are people this daft?


Los Screamos boasts many followers to their channel, but does not compare to the many “big runners” of the fake paranormal YouTuber’s out there. Their attempts at trying to be serious/scary is sub par, at best.

Again: just say this is for entertainment.


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