YouTube Phonies: Ashy Murphy

YouTube Phonies: Ashy Murphy

Ashy Murphy is yet another phony. She’s been recently trending on Facebook as “Ireland Ghost: Woman Posts Video Claiming to Show ‘Poltergeist’ Trashing Her Kitchen”.

When I first saw it, the first thing I thought: this looks remarkably similar to what David Jacobson does…And, as I suspected, is incredibly fake.

Direct link to her YouTube page:


I found the following links in which they explain, WITH PICTURES, why this video is fake.

It’s so nice to see people of common sense out there: thank you, guys 🙂

However, isn’t it sad so many people keep on sharing this video? Again, we live in the information age: the fact you couldn’t Google and browse the results for five seconds is truly terrifying.

Other Useful Information

I checked out Ashy Murphy’s Facebook URL: The video is posted a few times (including a very similar one). Same exact video, same exact music in the background.

Again, and I feel like I’m a broke record: if something like that is happening at your house and you’re supposedly terrified, why did you set a song to the video?

Unfortunately, I am in the USA and I get the infernal “SME copyright; not available in your country” message (SME stands for Sony Music Entertainment) on YouTube. The original, for me, can be seen on her Facebook page; not to mention the re-posts by other YouTube users.

Someone also pointed out she claimed she was “all alone out there” and yet, there’s two beers on the table in one of her videos. Hmm.


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