About Me


This website is the manifestation of my passion for the occult, paranormal, and the various religion/belief systems in our culture. It is dedicated to all professional, enthusiasts of the occult and paranormal nature. Please join me in researching our passions!

About this blog

To be honest, my dream is to be a scholar or scientist. I’d like to think of myself as less biased than others: I’ve always had a knack for observing things and attributes about people. I’ve been “touched” by the paranormal in my life and have always had a profound interest in the occult as well.

As much as the paranormal has frightened me in the past, I am stomping forward and trying to make a difference in both the paranormal and occult community. If we glide past our own biases and fright, maybe we can find some information.

I believe if we all put our minds together, we can create something unique on the web: a place of occult research that isn’t leaning one way or the other; a place of pure research and scholarship.

About the Admin (Allison)

Specifically, I’m a working female in a totally different field from occult research: administration and human resources (as if that wasn’t a horror in itself).  If I had a time machine, I’d go back and pursue my real passion; anthropology and sociology. Who knows, maybe later in life, I can always pursue that dream professionally.

More specifically, I’m not going to outline my personal belief systems, as that may deter the site from its original purpose: facts and education about the occult. When I write and research, I try to step outside my own beliefs and try to look in. I can’t say that isn’t difficult at times, but it does make you think differently about various subjects.

If you have any questions or something to add, please do not hesitate to contact me at occultculturead at gmail dot com.

I am very eager to hear feedback and any and all observations you have.


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