Q: Why did you start this site?

This site is the manifestation of my ambition to make a difference in the paranormal community as well as the occult community. I firmly believe through research and knowledge, the progression towards scientific discoveries can be made.

This site cannot be possible without the various input from many users. Although I try my best to be unbiased, it is not humanly possible to not be without some form of bias.

Please sign up to be a part of this project!

If you want to learn more about me specifically, visit the “About Me” page.

Q: Is this a conspiracy website?

No. No no no, no no no. This page is about research and facts. If I add my own commentary, I make sure to note that it is just that, my own two cents.  I may delve into conspiracy theories in the pursuit of fact and knowledge, but I do not promote any of them.

Q: Can I make a suggestion/I believe you said something incorrect or not true…

I highly encourage people to e-mail me if they see something wrong or have a suggestion.  We’re all human, we make mistakes…or outright blunders. 🙂


Something  you want to ask? Be sure to e-mail me. 


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