Why I Post YouTube Phonies

I’ve gotten quite a few negative comments about my posts regarding fakes in the paranormal community.

I think any person who isn’t easily duped by what they see on TV and the internet know 99% of the videos on YouTube who claim they captured paranormal activity is completely fake. To me, personally, it’s common sense.

Paranormal TV shows are also 99% fake, save for a few that try to present honest evidence (such as natural phenomena). For example: Ghost Hunters, in the first few seasons, came up with “nothing” in a few episodes. They explained why this happens in almost every investigation outside of TV. Of course, I’m sure the producers weren’t too happy with dropping viewers (let’s be honest: the general public doesn’t understand why Ghost Hunters produced little “evidence” while other paranormal TV shows produced jumbled EVP’s every episode).

“You’re just doing this to get people to your site”

I really laugh at this one. I don’t write to bring viewers to this site. The very little money it requires to run this site ($10ish bucks for the .com every year) I’ve never, nor will I ever, “buy” advertisement for people to come here. Honest writing and common sense will prevail, even if it takes a while for people to “get it”.

People will “like” and “subscribe” to blogs/YouTube videos that are straight and to the point.

Even sadder: most people will never question the validity of things they read and see on the internet.

“You’re bullying people when you post your YouTube Phones posts”

I genuinely thought about this: Was I bullying someone?

However, my posts aim to educate what is fake versus fact. I write one post on this blog and have articulate points regarding WHY the videos are fake. I do not harass the group/people. If the followers of said group/person engage me, well, I’m inclined to “engage” back.

I tried to get some common sense out of Dave Jacobson’s videos by asking questions in the comments, but was met with an overly vague response. The commenters of the videos also jumped right in to tell me how “stupid” I was to even think it wasn’t real.



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